Cost Control

Experience and sound working relationships in the marketplace enable WB Wood to effectively manage expenditures and control client costs through every phase of a project.

As specifications are being developed, WB Wood presents clients with options that provide the greatest flexibility along with opportunities for cost savings. For example, the appropriate application of standard component-based furniture can often result in substantial savings by leveraging economies of scale while eliminating the risks of inflated costs and extended lead times that often arise with non-standard manufacturing conditions.

A comprehensive understanding of the nuances associated with logistics, the coordination required between the trades, and the associated impact on labor costs are important components of WB Wood skills. Delivery and installation sequencing plans are considered with a sharp eye on labor efficiency. This includes organizing orders to maximize direct deliveries to the site, minimizing the costs associated with utilizing a receiving warehouse whenever possible, anticipating refinishing requirements, and planning for unique field conditions to limit extra expenses.