Ongoing Support

One of the primary reasons for our success in maintaining long-standing relationships with clients is our commitment to provide valuable ongoing support.

This commitment begins even in the planning stages of a new project. In order to simplify future management issues, flexibility and adaptability are considered when generating initial specifications. For example, building a limited kit of parts can reduce the amount of inventory necessary to meet future needs.

In addition, the unique dynamic nature of each client’s business is taken into account so we can anticipate and help prepare for changing circumstances. Often we recommend ordering additional components for delivery during the first phase of a project. This eliminates cost overruns by allowing the balance of unused inventory to be applied against later ordering phases.

Following completion of a project, WB Wood provides standards binders with the documentation necessary for subsequent Day 2 ordering.

A WB Wood account manager continues as the liaison to help maintain as-built conditions as well as manage additions, changes, moves, and all other Day 2 activities.