Outdoor Office Furniture

As an architect or designer, you have many considerations when building or redesigning office spaces. Designs must suit a company’s needs, encourage employee collaboration and improve productivity. Beyond these practical factors, designs must fit company aesthetics.

Many businesses today feature outdoor office spaces because they offer many benefits for employees and companies. If you would like to create an outdoor office space, WB Wood can help. We offer furniture procurement and project management services to help you design the ideal outdoor working spaces. We’ll help you find suitable outdoor chairs and tables for both function and style.

How Outdoor Furniture Benefits Your Office

If your office contains an outdoor space, utilize it to its fullest potential by adding outdoor furniture. Here are a few benefits that outdoor office space can bring:

  • Better brainstorming space: Sometimes, employees need a change of scenery to improve their imagination and generate new ideas.
  • Vitamin D provision: Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D, which can increase immune health and strengthen bones, making employees healthier and happier.
  • Socialization: When employees need a break, comfortable outdoor furniture can create a relaxing environment for gathering and bonding.
  • Improved mental health: When employees spend time outside, they can enjoy better mental health and improved cognitive function.
  • Collaboration: Outdoor furniture for office buildings can create hubs for working together where staff members can meet up and discuss ideas.

WB Wood’s Outdoor Furniture Offerings

WB Wood procures outdoor tables and chairs from Haworth, our premier manufacturing partner. We also work with other quality outdoor furniture brands, including Bernhardt Design. Through our procurement and project management services, we’ll help you create an office building outside with furniture that serves your needs.

While you create an outdoor working space, we can help you develop and adhere to a schedule and budget. We’ll also plan delivery and installation according to your building schedule. Through ongoing support throughout the design process and beyond, we do everything we can to help you make functional and appealing workspaces that grow and adapt according to company needs.

We can source several products for your outdoor workspace:

  • Tables: Whether you need large tables for outdoor meetings or side tables to place next to couches, we’ll help you find the right fit for your company’s needs.
  • Chairs: We can create a relaxing space for employees to take breaks with sofas or equip outdoor tables with ergonomic office chairs for group meetings.