Our Offerings


Project Budget

We offer budget analysis and cost breakdown for furniture procurement, delivery, and installation upon client request. Our project management approach involves developing a comprehensive budget, conducting value engineering, facilitating furniture re-use, and meticulously tracking changes made throughout the project.

Schedule Adherence

We employ state-of-the-art scheduling technology for effective project collaboration, utilizing comprehensive schedules to track progress and an "outstanding items list" to identify issues. Our project managers offer regular status reports, ensuring transparent communication for successful outcomes.

Cost Control

Our market expertise ensures efficient cost management for office furniture projects. Flexible options and cost-saving strategies like standard component-based furniture allows us to avoid delays and inflated costs. Our logistics knowledge optimizes delivery and installation by maximizing direct deliveries, reducing warehouse use, predicting refinishing needs, and planning for unique field conditions.

Quality Assurance

At WB Wood, precision is paramount in our interior office planning. Our rigorous quality control measures, including checklists, CAD team involvement, duplicate reviews, mock-ups/drawings, construction inspections, proactive installation, warehouse checks, and fit and finish standards, ensure attention to detail. We meticulously track changes for accurate invoicing.

Delivery & Installation

Our adept installation teams, briefed regularly, minimize costs through collaborative planning, synchronize deliveries with project phases using item codes, and reduce storage costs with direct delivery. Pre-briefed crews closely work with architects and contractors, ensuring compliance, proper fit, and timely furniture installations.


A punch list outlines all the work remaining on a construction project. We strive to cross all the items off our punch list by the time we take you on the final walk-through. To meet this goal, our project team works with an ongoing pre-punch list strategy designed to quickly identity and resolve potential problems during the installation process.

Office Furniture Liquidation

We offer our clients assistance liquidating their existing furniture. We recommend quality liquidators specializing in all types and brands of excess furniture. Under our supervision, these companies tour your space to appraise existing furniture and determine whether a buyback is an option.

Ongoing Support

Our account managers act as liaisons, overseeing all Day 2 activities and ensuring exceptional project support for client satisfaction. We consider flexibility and adaptability when generating initial specifications to simplify future furniture project management issues.


WB Wood is a proud Haworth Best In Class Dealer. We partner with 300+ industry-leading manufacturers to offer an array of products that exceed the needs of any project.

Together, we work seamlessly to create inspirational spaces where people thrive.

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“When I relocated to NYC almost 7 years ago, I needed a Furniture dealership. WB Wood was highly recommended by another Vendor, CFT. I worked with Michael DeVries and WB Wood. Michael and WB Wood were able to provide product during the height of covid when furniture had long lead times. WB Wood has always provided exceptional service.”

- Grace Lowell