Storage is a necessary component of every office space. But with workspace footprints getting smaller and smaller, storage areas are no longer hidden away in a back corner. They are now seamlessly integrated into the office configuration through innovative design and multi-purpose functionality. Our workspace experts at WB Wood can show you how different storage options will contribute to your well-organized workspace—bringing space and people together to maximize collaboration and support well-being.

While many companies are moving toward a paperless environment, and storage no longer commands the large footprint it once required, it still remains a critical element in the workplace. There will always be storage needs. Here are a few examples:

• Some organizations must have filing cabinets to retain paper records for compliance purposes.
• Pantries and storage spaces for supplies are needed to support work teams.
• Employees need places to hold work materials and personal items.

Personal Storage

Every team member in an organization deserves to have access to an area where they can store their personal items during the workday. By providing a space for people to put their coats, bags, and other loose items, you are creating a tidy, secure environment where employees can feel safe and productive. Lockers and mobile pedestals are a great choice for personal storage as they give people a place to shut or lock away all their non-essential items during the workday, leaving their workspaces free from clutter. Many personal storage options can also be integrated into the workstation area, optimizing office space, and creating a more streamlined look.


Shared Storage

There are many options when it comes to general storage systems for your office space — file cabinets, office shelving, lockers, file carts, towers, wardrobes, and small office storage cabinets. There are also storage systems that integrate power and provide markerboard surfaces to support users with multi-functional and customizable storage. And to promote an overall sense of safety and well-being, storage cabinets with locks allow sensitive materials or important documents to be securely locked away until needed.



Storage Credenzas and Bookcases

Bookcases are an essential piece of office furniture because they can be used in many ways. Besides an obvious housing unit for books and magazines, a bookcase can be used to hold other items such as awards, company memorabilia, personal items, or electronic devices. And with very little effort, you can change and rearrange items on a bookcase to suit your current needs. A credenza is a cabinet-style piece of furniture that serves a similar purpose as a bookcase. The top of the credenza is typically used as a sideboard or buffet, or to display various company artifacts, while the underneath area usually consists of shelves and drawers that can house items you don’t necessarily want to be visible.