Furniture Project Management Industries

WB Wood provides furniture project management and procurement solutions to various industries. Our specialists partner with your consultants, architects and design companies to create the perfect environment. We’ve been in business since 1905, partnering with over 300 leading furniture manufacturers.

Industries WB Wood Serves

The WB Wood team has extensive experience in furniture procurement and project management in various industries:

Real estate

We offer tailored furniture solutions for landlords, tenants and residential and commercial developments. We’ve helped furnish student housing and multifamily and senior living establishments.

Financial Institutions

The WB Wood team specializes in furniture solutions for trading floors, banks and other financial environments, creating professional, productive and comfortable spaces.

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As an experienced service provider, we’ll help procure furniture that matches your aesthetic, budget and space requirements, providing beautiful pieces at the scale you need.

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We help with school furniture orders for new institutions, expanding facilities or existing school revamps. We’ll help create functional and engaging learning environments while adhering to your budget considerations.


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Law Firms

WB Wood specializes in furniture project management for attorney offices by procuring the furniture you need from more than 300 of our manufacturers. We are a Haworth Best in Class Dealer and can transform your law office furniture while staying within your budget.

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Our team partners with you to establish user-centric facilities. We work with your architects and consultants to find the right furniture for your clinical setting.


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What WB Wood Can Do For You

Our team has years of experience in many industries, using our skills and expertise to establish an efficient and inviting work environment for clients. We do this by listening to your needs, aesthetic intent and functional requirements and providing cost-effective and quality solutions.

Project Initiation and Installation

The WB Wood team will communicate with you throughout the project to ensure you know the status. We factor in:

  • Project budget: You may have a preliminary budget to help with decision-making. We’ll help you develop a thorough budget and fine-tune it with your input. We meticulously account for changes to allow simple and accurate reconciliation.
  • Schedule adherence: We use innovative scheduling tools to keep projects on track.
  • Cost control: Our existing partnerships and experience help us control costs at each project phase.
  • Quality assurance: We incorporate detailed quality control checks throughout the process yielding the best results.
  • Delivery: The team maximizes efficiency and labor costs by planning for delivery. We take a structured, phased approach to enable efficient installation.
  • Installation: Our certified and trained team works closely with your consultants and contractors to ensure proper fit and compliance.

Project Completion

We’re committed to furniture project management excellence and take the necessary steps for successful completion:

  • Final finishes: We use a punch list to outline any remaining work to complete before your final walkthrough.
  • Existing furniture liquidation: Our team can help you with liquidating existing furniture.
  • Ongoing support: WB Wood believes in cultivating long-term partnerships by providing you with ongoing support from the project inception through implementation and beyond.
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WB Wood is here to help you with furniture procurement and project management solutions for your industry. With over a century’s knowledge and experience, we’ll create a beautiful and functional work environment for you.

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