6 Benefits of Glass Walls in the Office

Architectural interiors and dividers create engaging spaces that improve the health and well-being of workers and increase productivity. Glass wall partitions are becoming commonplace in offices worldwide thanks to the many benefits they provide to employees. While there are various divider options, glass partitions let in natural light and give the office a more open, engaging and professional feel.

Due to their sleek design, it is easy to integrate interior glass walls into any office space. They enable a flexible, versatile layout and can increase productivity, creativity, communication and morale. Read on to learn about these benefits of glass interiors and more.

1. Greater Productivity and Communication

Glass walls for the office make workstations more visible. This visibility increases productivity by encouraging accountability employees are less likely to waste time during work when their fellow workers can see what they are doing.

Glass walls also block more sound than a cubicle and let in more natural light. Reduced sound minimizes distractions and allows employees to better focus on their work, while more natural light can help increase productivity. Movable glass walls also let you change the office layout to increase employee productivity. You will be able to listen to the needs of your employees and act on them.

Happy employees are more productive and employees generally know the best way to streamline the office layout for increased efficiency because they are there every day. Depending on your office design, several workers might share a workspace in a larger room with glass walls. Workers will feel like there is less of a gap between them and their manager, so they won’t be afraid to speak up or share ideas, improving communication.

When the office feels more open, relaxed and engaging, communication improves. Closed doors and cubicle walls make it challenging to tell if someone is available until you’re directly in front of them. With glass partitions, employees can see when their coworkers are busy.

2. Layout Flexibility and Versatility

Changing an office layout can make it seem exciting and fresh to employees and renew their desire to come to work. Since glass partitions are moveable, you can easily adjust the office layout as the need arises. This flexibility allows office layouts to change to suit your workers’ needs better. For example, employees may prefer to have private workspaces and use the glass partitions to create glass cubicles or use the glass partitions to section off different work areas in the office.

Glass is also very versatile and can match any office style. You can decorate with any color scheme, furniture or theme. If you decide to remodel later, the glass will still work with your new design. Glass walls can also make your office look more spacious and open if you want a room in the office to look bigger, add glass partitions.

3. Better, More Natural Lighting

Workspaces often lack natural lighting, which can negatively impact employees. It’s best to utilize as much natural light as possible to enjoy the benefits that come with it:

  • Fewer headaches: Natural lighting reduces computer glare, decreasing eye strain that leads to headaches. People can be sensitive to lights that are too bright or dim and natural light helps supplement the amount of light in the office.
  • Less drowsiness: People often feel tired after lunch, but natural lighting can help keep them alert by regulating the body’s circadian cycle. The body’s circadian cycle responds to the amount of light to determine when to release melatonin. Our brains usually release melatonin at night, but a workplace with low light will trigger the release of melatonin, increasing fatigue. Regulating the circadian cycle will also improve employees’ sleep quality, making them happier and more productive.
  • Lower stress: Natural light causes our brains to produce serotonin, which makes us feel energized, happy and well-rested. Serotonin also helps reduce stress, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder and depression.
  • Lower energy costs: More natural light means your office will need less artificial light during the day, decreasing your energy costs.
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4. Lower Maintenance

Glass walls are incredibly durable and can withstand an office’s daily wear and tear. With proper maintenance, glass walls can last for many years. They don’t require much maintenance all you have to do is wipe them down with a streak-free glass cleaner. Cleaning them will preserve their shiny, sleek appearance and remove any smudges, dust or fingerprints.

5. Higher Creativity and Morale

An office design incorporating glass walls can increase morale by letting in natural light and a view of nature. Access to views with greenery or activity can help improve morale. One study found that 70% of employees state that access to natural light and views improves their overall work satisfaction. In that same study, 78% said it improved their happiness and well-being, and 73% said it boosted their performance.

Using glass in office design inspires creativity by increasing the office’s aesthetic appeal. The office atmosphere will become more enjoyable, relaxed and friendly, enhancing creativity and encouraging employees to share their ideas and suggestions.

6. More Openness

The transparency of glass partitions will project an image of openness and trustworthiness throughout the company. Employees will feel more connected to their coworkers and bosses and the divide between workers and managers will lessen. The boss won’t be an unapproachable figurehead behind a closed door, but someone employees can see and approach.

This openness will also foster a more engaging and friendly atmosphere in the office, making employees less likely to feel like they are in the dark or their opinions don’t matter.

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