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Our complimentary guides cover a variety of topics in the furniture industry. Please click on the image of a guide below to find out more about it.

In 2023, the return to a more comfortable, inviting workplace that is safer and more homelike drives many of these trends. This guide shows you the top ten trends and gives suggestions about how you can incorporate those popular trends into your current workspaces.
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Many artists, designers, and psychologists believe color to be a powerful tool that can influence our moods, behaviors, and even physiological reactions. This guide will show you the effect colors have on productivity and how you can incorporate them into your workspace. Download the PDF

We’ve combined two of our popular blog posts “How to Maintain Office Furniture” and “6 Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Office” into one convenient PDF guide. From the benefits of office sustainability to eliminating odors and maintaining desks and chairs, our guide gives tips on tackling all these issues.  Download the PDF

This informative guide will show you how to improve ergonomics in the workplace, including ways to help employees reduce strain and fatigue and perform their tasks more comfortably and efficiently.   Download the PDF Now

By understanding how lighting can affect office productivity and the overall environment of your office space, you can help your team feel more satisfied at the office, allowing them to create more quality work. This helpful guide provides information on the optimal lighting for office productivity. Download the PDF now.

How to make an office more welcoming

Cultivating an inviting environment in your office doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or a financial drain. It boils down to your office design. Download our PDF for tips on creating a welcoming office and obtaining the office atmosphere you want. Download the PDF

This helpful guide outlines the benefits of creating a safe post-COVID working space, and how WB WOOD can help you create a comfortable and engaging work environment for your employees and guests.   Download the PDF Now

6 benefits of glass walls in offices

Architectural interiors and dividers create engaging spaces. Glass wall partitions are becoming commonplace in offices worldwide thanks to the many benefits they provide to employees.
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The way an office looks is of the utmost importance to its employees and visitors. Research shows that employees that are happy with their company culture are 12% more productive. Read our guide to find out more about how your office design can have positive effects on company culture. Download the PDF now. 


The videos below are designed to give you a broad overview of what’s available in each of our furniture product categories, as well as how we can help you create the engaging workspace you desire.

Adding Furniture to Your Floorplan?

Finding the perfect furniture for your new or existing office space is not something you need to do alone. This overview video takes you through our various furniture categories and features some of the latest offerings from our distinguished list of over 300 manufacturers.

Looking for Chairs?

Your workplace is filled with areas that need chairs. Task chairs, lounge chairs, reception chairs, stools, conference room chairs, classroom chairs, and waiting room chairs. This video features some of the latest examples of chairs in a variety of colors, styles, and materials.

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Want to Lounge Around?

Companies are always looking for ways to make their employees more comfortable. And finding the right lounge furniture is essential when trying to create relaxing or collaborative spaces. This video shows examples of couches, sofas, and benches in various styles, colors, and configurations.

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Exploring Ways to Enhance Your Workspace?

From height-adjustable tables that move and rotate to private office options to the traditional panel or benching systems, this short video features some of the latest office workspace offerings available from the HAWORTH line of workplace solutions.

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Time to Turn the Tables?

This short video features some of the latest office table options available. Need to create a stunning boardroom or a comfortable collaboration space? The video shows examples of boardroom tables, conference room tables, lounge area tables, training tables, cafe tables, and occasional tables in various styles, colors, and designs.

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Need to Secure Your Storage?

This short overview video is a great place to start when you need to brainstorm some ideas for incorporating storage solutions into your floor plan. It features some of the latest office storage options available. The video shows examples of secure storage cabinets and lockers, mobile units, bookcases, credenzas, and other unique options in various styles, colors, and designs.

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Seeking Ways to Divide Your Space?

Are you thinking about making changes to your office layout? This overview video is a great place to start when you need to brainstorm some ideas about the most effective way to divide up your office space. The video shows examples of moveable glass and panel walls, freestanding architectural workspaces, and room dividers that can be used to delineate different areas within a larger footprint.

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Ready to Light Things Up?

If you’re trying to shed more light on your workspace, this overview video is a great place to start. The short video, with footage from some of our 300+ manufacturers, features a selection of the latest office lighting options available. The video shows examples of overhead lighting, wall units, task lighting, floor lamps, and many other varieties in various styles, colors, and designs.

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