By partnering with industry-leading innovators, we are able to offer an array of product lines to meet — and exceed — the needs of any project. WB WOOD is proud to represent hundreds of manufacturers, some of whom are listed below. If you don’t see who you’re looking for, please reach out to us via our Contact Us form.

A. Rudin Designs      Case Goods, Seating, Sofas, Stools
AARCO Products Inc    Display boards, Bulletin boards, Chalkboards
ABCO Office Furniture (a division of Izzy Plus)     Tables, Crates
Aceray (dba Aarray LLC)     Seating, Benches, Tables
Adjustable Shelving (a division of Karp Associates, Inc.)   Shelving
Agati    Seating, Tables, Movable Walls, Shelving
AIS     Panel Systems, Tables, Storage, Seating
Alea Office Furniture    Bookcases, Dividers, Storage, Tables
Alle, LLC      Workspace hygiene products, Waste receptacles
Allermuir      Seating, Sofas, Tables
AllSeating     Task chairs, Lounge chairs, Patient Room seating
Amko   Restaurant Seating & Tables
American Furniture Rentals     Furniture rentals for offices, staging
American Leather, Inc.    Sofas, Sectionals, Recliners
American of Martinsville (a division of La-Z-Boy Incorporated)     Casegoods, Upholstery, Chairs
American Seating Co.      Bus & Rail Seating
Andreu World     Seating, Tables, Credenzas
APCO  Signage, Nameplates
Arcadia      Seating, Tables
Architectural Supplement (a division of Desede)     Plant Containers, Living Walls
Architex International     Upholstery, Drapery, Wallcoverings
ARCONAS       Seating, Benches, Tables
Arnold Furniture Mfrs., Inc.    Tables, Reception Units, Courtrooms, Media Centers
Artopex Plus     Seating, Desking, Storage
Aurora Shelving (a brand of Richards-Wilcox, Inc.)      Shelving, Lockers

B&B Italia U.S.A. Inc.    Seating, Tables, Sofas
Baker Furniture      Desks, Lighting, Storage, Tables
Baldwin Hardware Manufacturing Corp.     Door & Cabinet Hardware, Commercial Locks
Baltix Sustainable Furniture     Tables
Basyx (a division of HON)     Seating, Desks, Tables
Beachley Furniture Co.      Custom Built Seating, Reception Desks, Tables
Berco Tableworks      Seating, Tables
Bernhardt Design      Seating, Tables, Cradenzas
Bisley USA     Cabinets, Shelving, Lockers
BodyBilt, Inc.     Seating, Tables
Bold Furniture     Desks, Storage, Tables
Borroughs Corp.      Shelving, Cabinets, Workbenches
Boss Design      Seating, Tables, Storage
BRC Business Enterprises Ltd.    Desks, Lockers, Storage, Tables
Bretford      Charging carts, stations, lockers, and stands
Bright Chair Company     Seating, Sofas, Tables
Brown Jordan Co.    Seating, Tables, Accessories
Brueton     Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Brunschwig and Fils    Seating
Bush Business Furniture (a division of Bush Industries, Inc.)     Desks, Seating, Tables, Storage
Buzz Seating   Task, Guest, and Medical Seating

Cabot Wrenn     Seating, Tables
Campbell Contract       Seating, Tables
Cappellini International     Seating, Tables, Cabinets
Carmel     Seating, Tables, Bookcases
Carolina Business Furniture (a division of OFS)     Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Casca Glass Boards     Writing Boards, Mobile Glass, Creative Walls
Case Furniture and Design      Desks
Cassina US      Seating, Tables, Bookcases
CCN International, Inc.    Tables, Desks
Chairmasters     Seating, Tables
ChairWorks America, Ltd.     Office, Recliner, and Healthcare Seating
Cherryman Industries     Seating, Desks, Tables, Storage, Bookcases
Chromcraft Furniture      Seating, Tables, Barstools
Claridge Products & Equipment, Inc.     Glassboards, Whiteboards
Clarus Glassboards, LLC      Glassboards, Mobile Partitions, Room Dividers
Clipper Wall     Glass Walls & Doors
Coalesse (a division of Steelcase)     Seating, Tables, Storage, Accessories
Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS)     Monitor Arms
Collection Reproduction    Desks, Lighting, Seating, Tables
Commercial File of NY,Inc.   Storage, Lockers, Benches, Tables
Community (a brand of Jasper Group)    Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Conde House     Seating, Tables, Storage
Contract Supply Corp.     Seating
Cort Furniture Co.    Furniture rental
Councill Companies    Seating, Tables, Cabinets, Sideboards
Cramer    Seating
Creative Wood Products    Tables, Casegoods, Seating
Cumberland Furniture     Seating, Tables, Storage

Dakota Jackson, Inc.   Seating, Tables, Desks, Cabinets
DARRAN Furniture Industries, Inc.   Seating, Tables, Screens
Datesweiser   Cabinets, Tables
Datum Filing Systems Inc.   Storage, Shelving, Lockers, Desks
Dauphin    Seating, Tables, Acoustic Spaces
David Edward    Seating, Tables
Davis Furniture Industries, Inc    Seating, Tables, Storage
Decca Contract   Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Dennis Miller Associates, Inc.   Seating, Tables, Lighting
Design America    Seating, Tables, Benches
Design Within Reach (DWR)   Seating, Tables, Shelving, Storage
DESIRON   Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Donghia   Seating, Tables, Desks, Bookcases
Doug Mockett and Company, Inc.     Furniture components and hardware
DSI – Design Source International (a division of Office Furniture Group)    Seating
Dune Contract   Seating, Tables, Storage, Desks
Duraform    Concrete forming systems

Eagle Group   Shelving, Tables, Shelving
Egan Visual  Whiteboards, Glassboards, Tackboards
Ekitta   Tables, Benches, Planters
Emeco    Seating, Tables
Encore Seating, Inc.   Seating, Tables
Enwork    Tables, Casegoods, Storage
Equipto    Shelving, Cabinets, Storage
ERG International    Seating, Tables
Ergonomic Concepts    Cranes, Lifts, Carts
Ergotech   Sit Stands, Desk Stands, Wall Mounts
Ergotron   Technology furniture, Desks, Carts, Workstations
ESI Ergonomic Solutions   Tables, Monitor Arms, Wall-Mounted Work Gear
EthoSource, LLC.   Seating, Tables, Storage
Eurotech (Division of Raynor)   Seating
Evolve Furniture Group   Electrical, Storage, Worksurfaces

Falcon Products, Inc. (a division of Commercial Furniture Group)   Seating, Tables
Fantoni   Panels, Walls, Seating
FireKing   Fireproof storage
First Office (a division of OFS)   Architecture Firm
Five Star Products, Inc.   Adhesives, Coatings, Concrete, Grouts
Friant Associates   Seating, Panels, Casegoods
Fritz Hansen Inc.    Seating, Tables, Shelving

Geiger International   Casegoods, Seating, Storage, Tables
Ghent Manufacturing   Whiteboards, Glassboards, Bulletin Boards
Gibraltar   Tables, bases, and components
Girsberger   Seating, Tables
Glaro, Inc.    Dispensers, Receptacles, Carts
Global Furniture Group   Seating, Storage, Tables, Desks
Global Allies    Seating
Gordon International   Seating, Tables
Grand Rapids Chair Co.    Seating, Tables
Great Openings   Storage, Pedestals, Lockers
Group Four Furniture Inc.    Seating, Tables
Groupe Lacasse (a division of Haworth)   Seating, Casegoods, Workstations
Groupe Lincora, Inc.   Lockers, Benches
Gruppo Italia   Custom projects for the hospitality industry
Gunlocke (a division of HNI)   Casegoods, Seating, Tables

Hafele America Company    Furniture fittings, hardware, electronic locking systems
Halcon  Tables, Seating
Hale Mfg. Co    Shelving, Desks, Seating, Tables
Hamilton Furniture and Textiles    Seating, Tables
Hamilton Sorter   Cabinets, Consoles
Harden Contract   Casegoods, Desks, Storage, Seating
Haskell Office LLC   Seating, Tables, Desks, Storage
HBF   Seating, Tables, Storage
Health Postures, Inc.   Sit/Stand Products
Heartwork  Storage, Lockers, Bookcases, Credenzas
HAWORTH   Seating, Workspaces, Storage, Tables, Lighting, Architectural Interiors
Hickory Chair    Seating, Tables, Desks, Bookcases, Lighting
Highmark   Bulkheads, Troughs, Seating Units, Folding Tables
Hightower Group, LLC   Seating, Tables, Lighting
HLF Furniture   Caseworks, Tables, Components
Holly Hunt, Ltd.   Seating, Tables, Storage, Lighting
Hon Company   Seating, Desks, Filing, Tables
Howard Miller Company – Furniture Division   Clocks, Curio Cabinets, Storage
Howe Furniture Corp. (a division of Commercial Furniture Group)   Seating, Tables
HPFI (High Point Furniture Industries Inc.)   Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Human Care  Walking Aids, Lifting Solutions, Convertible Chairs
Humanscale   Seating, Lighting, Technology Tools

In2Design   Storage, Tables, Privacy Screens, Planters
Indiana Furniture   Desks, Seating, Stools, Tables
Innovant    Desks, Tables, Monitor Arms
Inscape Corp.  Seating, Storage, Tables, Workstations
Integra, Inc.   Seating, Tables
Intellaspace   Erogonomic products, Organizational Tools
Interior Concepts   Cublicles, Desks, Seating, Tables

Jack Cartwright, Incorporated    Seating
JANUS et Cie   Seating, Tables, Benches
JSI (a brand of Jasper Group)   Casegoods, Seating, Tables

Kardex Systems, Inc.   Automated storage solutions and material handling systems
Karp Associates, Inc.     Access Doors, Floors Doors, Roof Hatch
Kartell US, Inc.   Seating, Tables, Lighting
Keilhauer   Seating, Tables, Storage
KI   Seating, Tables, Desks, Storage, Casegoods
Kittinger Co.   Casegoods, Desks, Seating, Tables
Kravet Furniture  Seating, Tables, Desks, Bookcases
Kron Design Corporation    Seating, Tables
Krug Furniture Inc.    Casegoods, Seating, Tables
Kusch Co.   Seating, Tables

La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture    Seating
Lacour, Inc   Desks, Monitor Arms, Tables
Lakeville Industries    Kitchen and Bath cabinetry
Landscape Forms Inc. (LFI)   Seating, Tables, Lighting, Planters
Lawrence Metal Products, Inc.  Post & Rope, Stanchions, Signage
Leland International    Seating, Tables
Logiflex   Seating, Storage, Tables
LUCIA GROUP, THE (Simple Shelf)   Filing, Shelving, Desks

M2L   Seating, Tables, Storage, Lighting
Magnuson Group    Ancillary solutions, Accessories
Marlite   Wall panels and systems
Martin Brattrud    Seating, Tables
Matel Mfg. Inc.   Contract furnishings
Maxon Furniture, Inc. (a division HON)   Seating, Storage, Tables
Mayline Group    Desks, Seating, Storage, Tables
Maywood Furniture Corp    Tables
Mesa Contract Inc. (a division of Intellaspace)   Casegoods, Pedestals, Seating
Metro Furniture (a division of Coalesse)   Seating, Tables, Cabinets
Metro Office Furniture Rental   Seating, Tables, Platforms, and Staging
Modern Office Systems    Storage, Lockers
Modernfold, Inc.    Partitions, Wall Systems, Accordion Doors
Moduform    Seating, Tables
Montel   Racks, Shelving, Cabinets
Moroso USA   Seating, Tables

Nemschoff, Inc.    Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Neutral Posture Ergonomics, Inc.    Seating
Nevers Industries, Inc.   Tables
Nevins Ltd.    Seating, Storage, Tables, Planters
New England Wood Locker Co., Inc., The   Lockers
Nienkamper Furniture & Accessories Inc. (a division of ICF Group)    Casegoods, Seating, Storage, Tables
Nightingale, Inc.    Seating
9 to 5 Seating   Seating
Nova Solutions Inc.   Lecterns, Podiums, Desks, Tables,
Novawall Systems, Inc.     Stretched fabric acoustical wall and ceiling applications
Nucraft  (a division of HAWORTH / Groupe Lacasse)   Credenzas, Tables

Office Specialty    Bookcases, Cabinets, Pedestals, Lockers
Office Star Products   Desks, Seating, Storage, Tables
OFM (Office Furniture Marketing), Inc.    Chairs, Desks, Tables
OFS   Seating, Tables, Architectural Elements
Old Hickory Furniture Co., Inc.    Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Orangebox  Acoustic Pods, Seating, Tables, Hospitality
OSI    Desks, Seating, Storage, Tables

Packard Industries Inc.    HVACR Industry Products and Components
Pallas  Textiles
Peter Pepper Products Inc.   Seating, Display Cases, Receptacles, Tables, Partitions
Phoenix Safe USA     Files, Safes, Cabinets
Poltrona Frau    Seating, Tables, Bookcases, Desks
Prismatique Designs, Ltd.     Tables, Cabinets

Rakks – Rangine Corp.    Shelving, Hardware
Ralph Pucci International    Seating, Tables, Consoles, Lighting
Reform, Incorporated    Cabinets, Drawers, Countertops, Organizers
Restoration Hardware    Seating, Tables, Lighting, Accessories
Rexite    Seats, Tables, Clocks
Rialto Furniture Company     Seating, Tables
Riviera USA    Casegoods, Seating, Storage
RJ Woodworking, Inc.   Countertops, Desks, Tables, Cabinets
Robern, Inc. (a division of Kohler)     Cabinets, Lighting, Mirrors
Robert Abbey, Inc.   Fine lighting
Rubbermaid Commercial Products     Utility & Decorative Refuse, Cleaning products

Safco Products Co. (a division of LDI company)    Seating, Tables, Desks, Storage, Waste/Recycling
Sandler Seating     Seating, Tables
Sauder Mfg. Co.    Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Scalamandre   Fabrics, Wallcoverings, Trimmings
Scandanavian Designs   Seating, Desks, Storage, Bookcases, Decor
Sedia Systems    Seating
Sedia, Inc.    Seating soft goods
Segis USA, Inc.     Seating, Tables, Accessories
Shelby Williams (a division of Commercial Furniture Group)     Seating, Tables
SIS-USA Inc.    Surgical instrument and device repair company
Sitmatic    Seating
SitOnIt Seating    Seating, Tables, Screens, Accessories
Slyde Innovations   Storage, Screens, Lockers
Smith Graphics Inc.    Architectural signage
Source International    Seating, Tables
SouthWood Corp.    Signage
Spacesaver Corp. (a division of Krueger International)   Shelving, Storage, Lockers
Spacestor   Architectural meeting spaces, Pods, Booths
Spec Furniture Inc.   Seating, Tables
Square One Furniture (a division of Johnson Hill)   Tables, Desks, Storage
St. Timothy Chair Co. (a division Classic Leather)   Seating
Stance Healthcare Inc.   Seating and Tables for Healthcare
Standoff Systems (a division of Gyford Productions LLC)   Mounting hardware
Stickley, Inc.    Seating, Tables, Desks, Storage
Stone Source   Stone and ceramic tiles and surfaces
Stratford Hall Textiles    Fabrics and wall coverings
Stua Contemporary Furniture    Seating, Tables
Stylex    Seating, Tables, Screens
Suite New York    Seating, Tables, Storage
Sutherland   Seating, Tables, Accessories

TakeForm    Interior signage, Wall graphics
Task 2, Inc.   Keyboard trays, Gel wrist rests
Tayco   Seating, Tables, Private Office
The Taylor Companies   Seating, Tables, Storage, Desks
Tennsco   Cabinets, Bookcase, Shelving, Lockers
TexStyle Design   Window furnishing fabrics
Thompson Contract   Seating, Tables
Thonet Industries (a division of Commercial Furniture Group)    Seating, Tables, Storage
Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers   Seating, Tables, Storage
Thrasher Group Inc   Architecture, Engineering & Field Services
Trinity Furniture Mfg. Co. (a division of Imperial WoodWorks)    Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Troscan Design    Seating, Tables, Casegoods
Tuohy Furniture Corp.   Casegoods, Tables, Seating

Unifor, Inc.   Desks, Storage, Tables
United Chair (a division of Groupe Lacasse)   Seating, Desks, Casegoods, Storage
USM Modular Furniture   Shelving, Storage, Tables, Desks

Versteel    Tables, Seating
Via, Inc.   Seating, Tables
Viking   Metal buildings and covers
Virco Manufacturing Corp.    Seating, Desks, Tables, Storage
Vitra Inc.   Seating, Tables, Storage, Accessories

Wall Goldfinger Inc.   Tables, Lecterns, Cradenzas
Watson Desking (a division of Watson Furniture Group)   Desks, Tables, Storage
Wicker Works, The    Seating, Tables
Wieland (a division of Sauder Manufacturing Co.)    Seating, Tables
Wilkhahn Inc   Seating, Tables
WoodCraft   Fabricated board products
Woodsmiths   Tables
WoodTech, Inc.   Tables, Credenzas, Storage

Zoom Seating  Seating, Tables, Storage