WB WOOD is a HAWORTH Preferred Dealer.

As such, we have access to a nationwide array of dealerships that provide similar services throughout the United States. Whether your office is in New York City, or Anchorage, Alaska, we can serve you professionally and efficiently.

Project Budget

Most projects have preliminary budgets to help guide the initial furniture selection process. In response to an RFP, WB Wood typically provides the client with “actual costs to the client” including furniture purchase as well as delivery and installation fees.

  • Upon award of a project, WB Wood develops a detailed, comprehensive budget based on final specifications that incorporate any changes made as the result of fine-tuning and/or client input.
  • Any costs associated with specification options that may have an impact on the budget are considered by WB Wood in the form of value-engineering.
  • Clients interested in reusing furniture they already own are provided with the details associated with managing the reuse of existing inventory.
  • Any changes made during the course of a project are carefully tracked and documented for easy and accurate reconciliation when the project is completed.
Schedule Adherence

WB Wood employs a number of scheduling tools to keep team members in sync, clients informed, and projects on track.

  • Detailed working schedules are developed to establish the internal work flow for the WB Wood project team and simultaneously help the client/design team anticipate decisions that must be finalized in order to meet critical path deadlines. These schedules are presented to the client during construction meetings to assure compliance.
  • WB Wood project managers also use an Outstanding Items List as an ongoing tracking mechanism to identify issues that may have an impact on the schedule so they can be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • At regular agreed upon intervals, WB Wood project managers prepare concise project summaries to keep everyone involved fully informed and up to date on progress.
Cost Control

Experience and sound working relationships in the marketplace enable WB Wood to effectively manage expenditures and control client costs through every phase of a project.

As specifications are being developed, WB Wood presents clients with options that provide the greatest flexibility along with opportunities for cost savings. For example, the appropriate application of standard component-based furniture can often result in substantial savings by leveraging economies of scale while eliminating the risks of inflated costs and extended lead times that often arise with non-standard manufacturing conditions.

A comprehensive understanding of the nuances associated with logistics, the coordination required between the trades, and the associated impact on labor costs are important components of WB Wood skills. Delivery and installation sequencing plans are considered with a sharp eye on labor efficiency. This includes organizing orders to maximize direct deliveries to the site, minimizing the costs associated with utilizing a receiving warehouse whenever possible, anticipating refinishing requirements, and planning for unique field conditions to limit extra expenses.

Quality Assurance

The attention to detail and emphasis on accuracy that characterize the WB Wood approach to planning extend naturally to the issue of quality assurance.

Strict quality control measures are built into each interval of the project process. These include:

  • An organizational format that incorporates a series of checklists ranging from order specification to pre-site inspection prior to delivery and installation.
  • Attendance by the CAD/specifying team at all planning meetings to ensure they understand the big picture and avoid misinterpretation.
  • Organization of teams to provide for duplicate reviews of work prior to finalization. For example, there is a central review of order acknowledgements and a second review by the project coordinator.
  • Acquisition of mock-ups, drawings, and physical submittals from manufacturers to assure accurate interpretation of order information and to allow client review of three-dimensional representations.
  • Regular field inspections by project managers to evaluate the status of construction and assess the impact on delivery and installation.
  • Proactive approach to the complexities of installation by verifying field dimensions, flagging potential problems, and generating solutions in advance.
  • Careful inspection of all items processed through a receiving warehouse.
  • Review of fit and finish standards prior to beginning of installation followed by regular inspections during each phase of the installation process.
  • Detailed tracking and documentation of any changes so the final invoicing reflects exactly what has been ordered and can be linked back to the budget

In order to maximize efficiency and control labor costs, planning for delivery begins early in the project.

Initial orders anticipate tagging by item code and room number, and are organized for receipt by floor and phasing requirements. Sequencing is developed to facilitate ease and efficiency of installation. Whenever possible, orders are scheduled for direct delivery to the site. Only items requiring special handling and of a smaller quantity are delivered through a receiving warehouse. Experienced WB Wood delivery crews are equipped with a detailed scope of the project, clear performance expectations, and all other information necessary for precise adherence to the schedule.


Fully trained and certified by multiple manufacturers, WB Wood installation teams have the expertise to handle a wide range of product lines.

We review and update our teams on a regular basis to make sure they are always equipped with the latest skills and product information.

We involve our installation teams in the planning and ordering phases of projects to help us increase efficiency and control costs. Their input allows us to identify potential trouble spots and find solutions before problems arise, anticipate any refinishing requirements, and plan for unique field conditions to limit extra expenses.

The teams then work closely with the architect, contractors, and related trades in the field to assure adherence to the schedule, proper fit and finish, and compliance with all jurisdictional requirements.

Punch List

Our entire project team works with an ongoing pre-punch list strategy designed to quickly identify and resolve potential problems during the course of installation.

Our goal is a “zero-item” punch list on the final walk-through with the client.

Office Furniture Liquidation

WB Wood offers our clients assistance in the liquidation of their existing furniture.

In performing this service, we recommend quality liquidators who specialize in the purchase disassembly and removal of all types and brands of excess furniture. Under our supervision these companies tour your space to appraise the existing furniture and determine it’s value and if “buyback” is an option.

Ongoing Support

One of the primary reasons for our success in maintaining long-standing relationships with clients is our commitment to provide valuable ongoing support.

This commitment begins even in the planning stages of a new project. In order to simplify future management issues, flexibility and adaptability are considered when generating initial specifications. For example, building a limited kit of parts can reduce the amount of inventory necessary to meet future needs.

In addition, the unique dynamic nature of each client’s business is taken into account so we can anticipate and help prepare for changing circumstances. Often we recommend ordering additional components for delivery during the first phase of a project. This eliminates cost overruns by allowing the balance of unused inventory to be applied against later ordering phases.

Following completion of a project, WB Wood provides standards binders with the documentation necessary for subsequent Day 2 ordering.

A WB Wood account manager continues as the liaison to help maintain as-built conditions as well as manage additions, changes, moves, and all other Day 2 activities.